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Category: Guidance, Standards, & Regulations
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Description: This advisory circular (AC) provides some recommendations and strategies to combat controlled flight into terrain CFIT).
Description: The AC describes a method to substitute an approved attitude indicator for the rate-of-turn indicator.
Description: Use this form to provide information about eligible training hours earned toward your AMT award and subsequent upload into your personal My AMT tracking page on
Description: Companion Document for the WINGS Course "How to Conduct Self-Briefings for Student & VFR Pilots"
Description: This kneeboard-sized document outlines requirements and procedures for operating in the DC ADIZ.
Description: This pamphlet offers helpful hints and tips to get you safely to MDA or DH and beyond.
Description: A new initiative that outlines how the FAA and our aviation stakeholders can safely eliminate the use of leaded aviation fuel by the end of 2030 without adversely affecting the...
Description: Plane Sense introduces aircraft owners and operators, or prospective aircraft owners and operators, to basic information about the requirements involved in acquiring, owning,...
Description: This article introduces and describes the FAA Safety Team.
Description: This article summarizes the FAA's December 2005 flight review guidance document
1 to 10 of 28 total