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Description: This advisory circular (AC) provides some recommendations and strategies to combat controlled flight into terrain CFIT).
Description: Air National Guard Graphic See and Avoid Decommissioning
Description: This document discusses best practices for flying in proximity to Spacecraft Launch and Recovery Operations
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Description: Airspace Card for printing
Description: Airspace Guidance for Small UAS Operators
Description: This kneeboard-sized document outlines requirements and procedures for operating in the DC ADIZ.
Description: This pamphlet offers helpful hints and tips to get you safely to MDA or DH and beyond.
Description: This document provides information and tips on flying in flat light and white out conditions.
Description: This article clarifies the nomenclature and requirements to fly RNAV and GPS approach procedures.
Description: No pilot is invulnerable to an in-flight collision. This document explains limitations of the eye and explains how to scan effectively for traffic.
1 to 10 of 25 total