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Category: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts
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Description: This Alert introduces Cessna Service Letter SEL-57-06 and SEL-57-07. These service letters cover a one time eddy current inspection of the wing spar carry through.
Description: Current, Airplanes, Cessna 172 and 175, Issue and Recommendation, Cracks were found in the Horizontal Stabilizer Forward Spar. Improper ground handling can cause cracking and...
Description: CURRENT, Airplanes, Cessna 208 and 208B. Cracked Upper and Lower Wing Strut Fittings and Upper Wing Strut Fitting Fracture. Upgraded version of narrative.
Description: This Alert results from an accident that occurred on May 27, 2018 in Houston, Texas where a SR-20 airplane crashed shortly after takeoff. Examination of the airplane after the...
Description: Current: Issue and Recommendation: Cessna 208 and 208B, Horizontal Stabilizers, Broken and Corroded Mount Bolts
Description: Airplanes, Cessna CE208, , Accident Prevention Order 8020.11. A mount bolt for the horizontal stabilizer sheared from excessive corrosion. All Mount Bolds wee inspected and...
Description: General Aviation Maintenance Alerts Table of Contents
Description: remove Omega PMA Bolt Number GYS186C21-OA From Service with attachment. B. Ballenger
Description: Transport Canada recently contacted the FAA with concerns for the use of cargo doors as an emergency exit on Cessna 206 models. Following a fatal accident in August 2018,...
Description: This SAFO provides safety information to the public of potential problems associated with coating or modifying wing struts.
1 to 10 of 218 total