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Description: Companion Document for the WINGS Course "How to Conduct Self-Briefings for Student & VFR Pilots"
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Description: List of WINGS Flight Activities for common DPE flights. WINGS Promotional product for distribution to successful practical test applicants
Description: How to earn WINGS Flight Credit for training in certain approved flight simulation devices
Description: Did you know that in addition to getting WINGS credit for completing certain flight activities, you could also get credit through your regular flight certification activities...
Description: Instructions for Flight Instructors to implement and administer the WINGS Program.
Description: A one-page invitation to participate in WINGS
Description: WINGS Topic of the Quarter has been updated within the WINGS Library Folder. Print documents for use on your path to proficiency. For the new Easy WINGS Activity Plan Alpha...
Description: Explains the WINGS Topic of the Quarter Program and links to supporting knowledge and flight activities
1 to 8 of 8 total