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Category: Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
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Description: I Fly Safe. All drones are aircraft-even the ones at the toy store. So when I fly a drone I am a pilot. Before I fly I always go through my pre-flight checklist. I regularly...
Description: Airspace Guidance for Small UAS Operators
Description: Leave the flying to the professionals. That’s the message coming from The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) out of concern for spectator safety and the safety of air...
Description: Kneeboard for Operations around Hill Air Force Base, Utah
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Description: Postcard/Flyer advising UAS operators of information that they need before they fly.
Description: This is the list of UAS remedial training material and the topics from part 107.73(a). Included are the FAA resources and courses found on the webstie
Description: Operations around Hill Air Force Base, Utah
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