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Quick WINGS provides a quick and easy way for pilots to view and print a checklist of Activities for a Basic Phase of WINGS. The checklist will include a complete listing of activities and tasks to complete the Flight requirements, and may include online courses, seminars, and other activities to satisfy the three Knowledge requirements. If the result shows flight activities that are not appropriate for you, you must revise your choices in your WINGS Profile. Quick WINGS is available only for the Basic Level of the WINGS Program.

To take advantage of the Quick WINGS feature, you must be registered on FAASafety.gov as an “Airman”; you cannot be registered as a “User”. You can confirm your user status on FAASafety.gov by checking your log in display after you are logged in.

You must also be logged in to your FAASafety.gov account (click here to log in).

If you are not an “Airman” or you choose not to upgrade your “User” account, you can still print your WINGS Checklist from your My WINGS page, available by clicking here.

Account Status Information

The log in area could also show your status as Representative, FPM, POC, or Administrator. If you are logged in as a Representative, FPM, POC, or Administrator, that account must also be your “Airman” account. If it is not, you cannot use that account to participate in the Quick WINGS feature.

In addition, if you are not a pilot, you cannot use Quick WINGS. If you are a new pilot, you must wait until the Airman Registry updates your records, which could take up to 90 days.
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Account Status Upgrade Instructions

If you are an “Airman”, but your log in shows “User,” you must upgrade your status on FAASafety.gov before you can use Quick WINGS; you only have to do this once. Click on the "My Preferences" link from the log in area, then on the next page, click the Airman Registry tab and follow the instructions there. When this step is completed satisfactorily, return to the Home page and click Quick WINGS again.

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