IA Renewal Course List

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The IA Renewal Course List is a searchable PDF list of accepted IA Renewal courses. Only courses on this list will be considered acceptable as a basis for IA Renewal in accordance with FAA Order 8900.1 Volume 3, Chapter 56.

This list also contains courses that have expired within the past 24 months.

Note: Read the accepted-date/expired-date columns carefully. In order to use these courses as an IA Renewal basis in accordance with 14 CFR 65.93(a)(4), you must have taken the course(s) during the period between the course-accepted date and the expiration-date. In addition the course must have been taken within the IA Renewal period for which it is being applied.

This list is updated twice monthly.

If further clarification is needed, please e-mail the the IA Renewal Course Coordinator (IA RCC) at 9-AFS-IARefresher@faa.gov.