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ALC-233: Top 10 Causes of General Aviation Accidents
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FAA Safety Team
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FAA Air Safety Investigator, Tony James, guides us through the top ten causes of GA accidents. 
The original presentation was conducted in front of a live audience in the Southern Region FAASTeam Resource Center during the 2012 Sun 'n Fun event.

This course is designed to increase the awareness and stress the importance of common causes of General Aviation accidents.  The Top 10 causal factors are identified, and contributing factors are listed for each of the Top 10.  For each of the major causal factors, a relevant accident scenario is presented, and safety analysis of the manner in which the causal factor presented is outlined.

Overview – 
  • Getting results through non-regulatory, productive strategy and education.
  • Help to understand why accidents occur.
  • One of the FAA’s top priorities is to reduce the number of fatal accidents in general aviation.
  • Develop an accurate picture of contributing factors.

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