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ALC-83: Failure to Follow Procedures - Landing Gear Failure
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FAA Safety Team
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This training course is a result of a National Data Analysis project to determine Maintenance Causal Factors in Landing Gear Failures.  The course will review the findings of the project, explain Failure to Follow Procedures, and expose a case study where maintenance played a direct roll in a landing gear failure event.  This course emphasizes how Failing to Follow Procedures and human factor influences can lead to maintenance errors.  This training is applicable to any aviation maintenance technician.  Whether you work on small aircraft of large air carriers, this training module will benefit you!

The objective of the course is to provide the Aviation Maintenance Technician:

  1. A review of the data analysis project including a detailed examination of the maintenance causal factors that have contributed to landing gear failure events.
  2. A review and familiarization with the Maintenance Personal Minimums checklist . . . “The PMC”.
  3. Introduction to “associating” our mistakes with the real cause, the human factor cause of those mistakes.

The videos and photos of personnel and aircraft contained in this training product are used with permission and are real world examples of maintenance errors.

For more information about the course content please contact:

Phil Randall

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