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ALC-67: Failure to Follow Procedures - Installation
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FAA Safety Team
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This training course is based on the scenario of an actual aircraft accident that resulted in fatal consequences. The fatal consequences were the result of maintenance performance failures. This course emphasizes how failing to follow procedures and human factor influences can lead to improper maintenance techniques. This course will provide preventative measures that, when used, will help you mitigate these risks. The training is applicable to any aviation maintenance technician. Whether you work on small aircraft or large air carriers, this training module will benefit every professional aviation maintenance technician.

The objective of this course is to provide the Aviation Maintenance Technician:

A review of the applicable Title 14 Code of Federal Aviation Regulations regarding YOUR responsibilities and requirements when performing aircraft maintenance.


Introduction, review, and familiarization of the “Maintenance Personal Minimums” Checklist……… “The PMC”

image004.gif image006.gif

Explanation, recognition, understanding, and effects of the Dirty Dozen which are 12 common human errors in maintenance and how to minimize them when performing tasks.


How to be better prepared and guard against the consequences from failure to follow procedures while performing maintenance.


The videos and photos of personnel and aircraft used in this training product are for illustration/education purposes only and have no connection to the accident scenario used in this product.

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