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ALC-59: Instrument Refresher - An IPC Simulator
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IPC_Thm.jpg This software is ideal for pilots who don’t fly on the gauges as frequently as they’d like to, those who need to relearn some procedures, or those seeking a way to practice instrument recent-flight-experience maneuvers. Instrument Refresher will help pilots build confidence in their instrument skills and get over the refresher hurdle with the guidance of a qualified, knowledgeable instructor in the privacy of their own home.

The program has a "virtual CFII" on board who will demonstrate, then prompt the pilot through maneuvers, while explaining errors made along the way. The critique from the instructor provides a consistent method of learning, and evaluates the pilot’s performance against the FAA Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards. To further simulate actual conditions, users will hear the voice of the instructor and those of air traffic controllers, from Clearance Delivery and ATIS, to approach and tower controllers.