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ALC-576: NAFI "Insurance Claims - What They Can Teach Us"
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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This presentation discusses the 6 most common causes of loss from a review of Avemco Insurance Company claims data coupled with some of personality traits of pilots that may lead them to having an accident or not having an accident.

The personality traits information is based on a study partially funded by Avemco, Airmanship Education and Research Initiative (AERI), conducted by Dr. Bill Rhodes.  Dr. Rhodes dissected claim files of fatal accidents, talked to pilots, instructors, and insurance underwriters to see what common traits accident pilots possessed vs. traits of pilots that had not had an accident.

The end result of the study and presentation is to help pilots identify areas of training and traits they may have that may contribute to having an accident. The goal is work to lower the chance of having an accident.


1) Discussion of claim review and the need to look at more than just skill competency

    i. Survey of audience who were not surprised about an accident;

    ii. Overview of study

2) Review of claims from the start of the pre-flight inspection to completing the landing rollout

    i. Types of claims

    ii. What pilots do or don’t do

3) Review of why military and airlines have the safety record they do vs. general aviation

    i. Attitude

    ii. Training

4) Discussion of relative probability of a claim during different phases of flight related to pilot experience

    i. What to be aware of as a pilot gaining flight experience

    ii. What to be aware of as a CFI working with pilots of different experience levels

    iii. It is the summation of the “little things” that matter