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ALC-56: Private Pilot Virtual Test Prep - DVD Ground School
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VTP-PVT-WS_Thm.jpgOur Virtual Test Prep for the Private Pilot is an aviation ground school that brings the classroom home to your television or personal computer.  Professional flight instructors guide you through over 10 hours of instruction on the areas of study that you need in order to gain the knowledge necessary to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam and become a safe, competent, and confident pilot.


Also included is Prepware for the Private Pilot, our complete and easy to use test preparation software.  Study, prepare, practice, and receive your endorsement to take the required FAA written Knowledge Exam.   If it’s been a while since you have been in the cockpit, Virtual Test Prep can also serve as a refresher course and update to current practices and regulations.

Available in both Widscreen and Blu-ray editions.