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ALC-551: NAFI MentorLIVE - Game Based Pilot Instruction
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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We’ve all heard the term gamification, but what does that really mean? The science of game design is about leveraging challenge to drive engagement, satisfaction and motivation. Interestingly, game design techniques map incredibly well to flight training. 

By understanding game mechanics, the building blocks of games, you’ll add to your toolbox a valuable set of techniques to keep your students engaged and on track to certification. New training products are coming online which leverage game design and technologies that may enable a new paradigm in flight training. One in which pilots can reach certification at lower costs, while being better prepared to safely utilize the privileges their certificate provides. 

Join game designer, pilot and founder of TakeFlight Interactive Brandon Seltz, and gold-seal CFI Mark Thompson on a journey to discover these new tools and techniques to give your students the best training experience and outcome.

Brandon Seltz - Former Director of Scenario Development for Redbird Flight Simulations and game-designer on Microsoft Flight Simulator, Brandon and his team are working toward a vision of how game-based learning can revolutionize pilot development. This vision is influenced by Greg Brown’s 1999 article “Tomorrow’s Lesson” and his foresight of the “smart simulator”. A long-time private and glider pilot, Brandon is proof in the power of simulation in training.

Mark Thompson - A gold-seal flight instructor who holds an ATP and is type rated B737 and A320. He attended the University of North Dakota (UND) where he started instructing in 2003. His experience at UND’s highly regarded structured program provided valuable insights into pilot development. 

After UND Mark worked to implement RNP AR instrument approaches for airlines all over the world. After nine years away, he chose to get back into flight instruction at a fast growing and forward thinking part 61/141 flight school. There he met Brandon, the TakeFlight Interactive team, and their vision for the future of flight training. Mark jumped at the opportunity to influence the future of pilot development through the power of game-based instructional design and broad access to TakeFlight’s virtual flight instructor.