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ALC-485: Takeoff, Landing, and Aircraft Control
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FAA Safety Team
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Why focus on take offs, landings, and aircraft control? 

The 2007 AOPA Nall report showed: 

> 16.4% Of General Aviation Accidents occurred during the Take-Off phase of Flight.

This was a take off accident with a student pilot attempting a touch and go with a 20kt. tailwind. The pilot was unharmed.

> 40.3% Of General Aviation Accidents occurred during the Landing phase of Flight.

The pilot of this P210 attempted to land going too fast. With a 17 knot tailwind the airplane was allowed to touchdown
in the last 1/3 of the runway, went off the side of the runway, struck some lights, signs and fence, went into a ditch and
came to rest on an access road just north of the airport.

Interesting point - this pilot thought something like this would never happen to him. A rejected landing would have
been the right choice.

What can this course do for me?

This course is not an all encompassing discussion of all things related to takeoffs, landings, and aircraft control, rather a review
of best practices and common mistakes. For more in depth training please refer to the FAA's 
Airplane Flying Handbook.

This course will help you:

>Evaluate your proficiency

> Improve Take Off, Landing, and Aircraft Control Skills

> Reinforce Good Habits

> Encourage Involvement in the WINGS Program

> Identify Your Pilot Strengths and Weaknesses

>Earn Credit Towards the Pilot Proficiency Program (WINGS)

Course Introduction

Chapter 1 Normal Takeoffs

Chapter 2 Crosswind Takeoff

Chapter 3 Slow Flight or Minimum Controllable Airspeed (MCA)

Chapter 4 Slow Flight Video

Chapter 5 Quick Stall Review

Chapter 6 Steep Turns

Chapter 7 Rudder Control Video

Chapter 8 Landings Overview

Chapter 9 Stabilized Approach Video

Chapter 10 Go Around From A Rejected Landing




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