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ALC-468: NAFI PDP - Marketing for the Professional CFI
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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Introduction - NAFI PDP - Marketing for the Professional CFI

NAFI leaders will discuss the content of Peter Meder's presentation and offer comments and insights for CFIs and the aviation industry in general. Viewers who watch this program LIVE are welcome to post comments about the subject matter that will be answered live as time allows - all questions will be answered directly if not specifically discussed on-the-air.

How to “connect” with your students is vital. Getting and keeping students can be more effective when you employ the basic principles of marketing – keen awareness of the product you offer, the various places it is distributed - on the ground and in the air - pricing right and communicating what you offer through effective promotion. This presentation will help you employ these simple yet invaluable principles to attract and keep students.