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ALC-467: NAFI Professional Development Program on FAASTeamTV
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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This purpose of this course is to outline the new National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) Professional Development Program (PDP) for Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI).  The content of the PDP supports development of a wide range of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are foundations for all professionals. 

The objective of this course is to outline of the Professional Development Program in five topics and explain how each of those affects our nation’s aviation safety culture.  During this course, the hosts will present the following topics,

Current state of the industry for:

  1. pilots
  2. instructors
  3. maintenance technicians
  4. FAA
  5. flight schools
  6. designated pilot examiners

What is working well today for CFI development:

  1. professional organizations
  2. mentoring
  3. FAA WINGS program
  4. master flight instructor programs
  5. FAASTeam representatives
  6. Industry member

How participation in the PDP benefits CFIs:

  1. prepare for the future
  2. build a career
  3. develop a wider range of skills
  4. master the science of learning and teaching
  5. become a leader
  6. become a legend
  7. earn WINGS credit?

Professional Development Program Content:

  1. CFI – Center of pilot development
  2. Industry advocacy
  3. Science of learning
  4. Goal setting
  5. Train the trainer
  6. FAA Partnership
  7. Effective communication
  8. Business skills
  9. Safety profile
  10. Observe, critique, evaluate
  11. Resume and portfolio development
  12. Motivate, mentor, network
  13. Community service
  14. Continuing education
  15. Ethics
  16. Teamwork
  17. Flight techniques
  18. Regulations
  19. Work-life balance
  20. Earning NAFI PDP Certification

How to participate in the NAFI Professional Development Program:

  1. Activities in the NAFI Professional Development Center at EAA AirVenture
  2. FAASTeamTV – LIVE from Oshkosh broadcasts
  3. Continuing education

The outcome of this course will be increased understanding of elements that challenge our safety culture and how the participation in Professional Development Program can provide a foundation for the development of aviation industry professionals.