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ALC-409: PAUSE for Safety (Core Course 2015)
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FAA Safety Team 2015 AMT Core Course
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This course, PAUSE for Safety, will begin with a briefly review of some human factors that maintenance technicians experience and explain why following maintenance procedures, policies, instructions, regulations, and best practices is the safety keystone for aviation maintenance. 
Then we will reacquaint you with some of the FAASTeam safety net tools that have been introduced over the years.  These tools are available through the website or you can contact your nearest FAASTeam Program Manager or FAASTeam Representative. 
Next we will present a new safety tool that the aviation maintenance technician can immediately put to use … the PAUSE tool. 
This new and innovative tool supports the safety nets and established safety controls concept; assisting you before you start a task or discover when you are about to become involved in a situation where the risk of failure to follow procedures or a violation error is a possible outcome.  This new tool will allow you to improve your maintenance situational awareness and help prevent becoming a victim of a maintenance incident or accident scenario. 
Finally, we will present an aviation accident case study and give you the opportunity to practice using this valuable new tool …. The PAUSE tool.