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ALC-36: Positive Aircraft Control
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What comes to mind when you think of positive aircraft control? Maintaining situational awareness during descent and approach at night or in areas of mountainous terrain? Is precise maneuvering during an instrument approach and circle to land maneuver especially applicable? Have you considered the significance of the takeoff and landing phases of flight during beautiful clear VMC conditions? Maybe you include the unique situations of the training environment, including distractions and positive exchange of flight controls?


In this course, you’ll examine positive aircraft control during various phases of flight through a range of environmental conditions. Through a series of accidents and events, you’ll discover common traps and scenarios where pilots failed to maintain positive aircraft control. Through careful consideration of the events leading to the loss of control, your awareness of potentially harmful situations will increase. Finally, you'll examine ways you can prevent or respond to these situations.


Table of Contents

Focus Area

Situational Awareness & Automation

Chapter 1

Background - Situational Awareness & Automation

Chapter 2

Events - Situational Awareness & Automation

Chapter 3

Hazards & Traps - Situational Awareness & Automation

Chapter 4

Hazards & Traps - Situational Awareness & CFIT

Chapter 5

Prevention & Response - Situational Awareness & Automation

Chapter 6

Prevention and Response - Fly the Airplane

Focus Area

Positive Exchange of Flight Controls

Chapter 7

Background - Positive Exchange of Flight Controls

Chapter 8

Events - Positive Exchange of Flight Controls

Chapter 9

Hazards & Traps - Positive Exchange of Flight Controls in Training

Chapter 10

Prevention and Response - Positive Exchange of Flight Controls

Focus Area


Chapter 11

Background - Distractions

Chapter 12

Events - Distractions

Chapter 13

Hazards & Traps - Distractions

Chapter 14

Prevention & Response - Distractions

Chapter 15

Prevention & Response - Training for Distractions

Focus Area

Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 16

Background - Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 17

Events - Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 18

Hazards and Traps - Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 19

Prevention & Response - VFR Pilots & Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 20

Prevention & Response - VFR Pilots & Preventing Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 21

Prevention & Response - IFR Pilots & Spatial Disorientation

Chapter 22

Prevention & Response - IFR Pilots & Coping with Spatial Disorientation





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