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ALC-327: Maintenance Error Avoidance (Core Course 2014)
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FAA Safety Team
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Maintenance Error Avoidance - Course Introduction

This course is designed to be the 2014 required core course for the On-Line AMT Awards program and is presented in three parts. 

The first part provides a description and review of the most common causes of human error in aviation maintenance and offers some mitigation strategies that an aviation maintenance technician (AMT) can use to reduce maintenance errors.  

The second part of the course emphasizes the Personal Minimums Checklist which is a “tool” available to the AMT can used to help assess  performance and reduce maintenance error. 

Finally, part three of the course provides a thorough review of the FAA regulations concerning the AMT with emphasis and importance on those regulations that are relevant when exercising the privileges of a mechanic certificate.  

You must view all three course parts and take the course EXAM in order to receive credit toward your On-Line AMT AWARD.  Be sure to spend some time reading through the course review before beginning the EXAM.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive 2 hours of credit toward your AWARD.