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ALC-180: Aircraft Maintenance Documentation for AMT's
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FAA Safety Team
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Welcome to the FAASTeam AMT CORE course for 2012. This course provides a review of aircraft maintenance documentation requirements. It emphasizes the importance of proper documentation.  It identifies common documentation problems that can lead to maintenance errors or FAA enforcement actions. 

It also discusses the importance of maintaining continuity during shift and task turnovers.

The course includes a video review of "The Maintenance Personal Minimums Checklist".
Average time to complete this course is approximately 1.0 hour. To take the Exam, after you have completed the course material, you must return to this course on (log in, click on Courses under the Activities, Courses & Seminars tab, and click Continue for this course) and complete the Review chapter. Then you must click on the EXAM link to take the exam.

The goals and objectives are to increase awareness of the importance of and the consequences of not following the Federal Aviation Regulations and proper procedures, as they pertain to aircraft maintenance documentation.  Examine the processes for maintaining continuity during shift and task turnovers.   To provide a new look at the items an Aviation Maintenance Technician should consider before and after performing any maintenance tasks. 
"The Maintenance Personal Minimums Checklist" 
Thereby increasing compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations amd adherence to proper procedures resulting in an increase in aviation safety.


  • Introduction
  • Accident Data
  • Regulations Cited
  • Common Problems
  • Overview of applicable regulations
  • Maintenance related accidents
  • NTSB Finding
  • Shift Turnover
  • Challengers to Shift Turnover
  • Shift Turnover Best Practices
  • Common Problems
  • Easy Solutions
  • The Maintenance Personal Minimums Checklist
  • Review
  • Exam

NOTE: The Federal Aviaton Regulations (FARs) excerpts used in this course were current at time of publishing, always check current regulations before exercising your certificate privileges. Links are provided to current regulations, in most cases, for your convenience.

For additional course information or questions on the content of the course contact:

George M. Ballard
FAASTeam Program Manager
Plainfield, IN 46168

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