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ALC-109: So You Want to Fly Helicopters with Sporty's
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So You Want to Fly Helicopters
(NOTE: You must purchase either the So You Want to Fly Helicopters DVD, online course, or iOS app from Sporty's before you can use this Learning Center course.)

Learning to fly helicopters is a fun and thrilling experience with some unique challenges. Helicopters have an unlimited field of motion making them the ultimate "go anywhere" machine. The FAA, in licensing pilots, considers it a rating on a Private, Commercial or Airline Transport certificate. This program takes you inside the cockpit to show how helicopter maneuvers are performed. Three points are stressed throughout: 1) Personal instruction from a qualified individual is a necessity for initial training as well as recurrent. 2) Helicopters fly different from airplanes and some control inputs have complete different effect. 3) Helicopters are inherently unstable aircraft requiring constant control inputs.

This program helps the pilot review and consider the following:

o Introduction to common training helicopters
o Helicopter components and parts
o Rotary wing aerodynamics
o Helicopter Flight Planning
o Preflight of a Robinson R-22
o Basic helicopter maneuvers
o Special operational procedures
o Emergencies

After completion of this course material you will be asked to return here to complete the course quiz to receive the appropriate WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program credit.